ROC&CHR$ Website 1.0

I’ve seen ROC&CHR$ raising from the very first beginning. Every gig becomes more and more complex and bigger. So I thought, without them not knowing, I develop a clean and simple website for their need.

After 2 months of step by step developing in the evening I’m really proud to announce:

The official ROC&CHR$ Website!

Packed full of media content of their own its a nice website I think. And there is a mobil version too!
So if you visit the site via iPhone/iPad/Android/Whatever you will automatically come to another website developed especially for mobil devices. Pretty nice huh?
Since I don’t own all devices and the world and neither my friends do, feel free to get at me to point some mistakes out. Thank you!
Browser View (Not scrolled down)
iPad View

iPhone View V3.0


Yep its here. Yesterday night I turned the new site on. It took a while but I’m happy. If you follow my blog for a long time you will notice that this is the third redesign. And again I followed some simple design steps and easy handling also with the iPhone. If tested the shit out of this. But if you still find something. Tell me!
I also got the .de domain now. Enjoy!                                                           


Tested some things today with the 5d MII. Also working on the website. I’m still waiting for one domain to get registered. I moved kobe-photography to another provider, that took a while. But also ordered some new ones. And there is still some small work on the site itself. But in a few days I hope. It will be done.

I already got and is also configured. Still with the maintenance site. I will inform you asap when the new site is online. I’m excited.