I went to the Southside Festival this year, right? Yep, that’s right!

So I made a picture at the Materia/Marsimoto concert with my old iPhone 4. Cool right? I also posted this on Instagram (which got 18 likes) and pressed the share button for tumblr.

This pictures has 892 reblogs/likes right now. Never happened with any picture I posted anywhere. I still cannot explain this. What the actual fuck. Maybe this is the famous tumblr effect. Sure the picture is  cool and all and the vibe in this moment was beyond awesome but… I don’t know. If you would evaluate my best picture with likes and reblogs…. that would be the best picture I ever took. Why is he complaining, ? You may ask?  I’m not complaining, but trying to understand. But try for yourself:

What would you defend with you life?

So this is a side project I’m working on for 2 months now.

This should be a blog for everybody to post exactly one item that he/she would defend with his/her life.

This might sound a little harsh. And I don’t mean it exactly like that, but I want people to share one item they really love!

It can be something expensive somebody saved a long time for. But i also can be very personal like a family heirloom or something like that.

Dont hesitate to submit something, I would appreciate it! Thank you!