Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Wanted to visit the Staatsgalerie for a long time now. I dont know how many times I’ve been to Stuttgart and never went there. Its like one hour away. But as always. You don’t want stuff that is in front of you. „Homeblindness“.

All pictures with the trusty Leica M8. Also, we met Robin and Manu which was really nice! Cheers guys!

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Im still not a fan of „Hey I do a post about my best picture/video of 2016“ etc. Its to difficult. I wanted to do a showreel video of my 2016 footage but since I havent finished my Marrakech/Portugal video yet (yeah there will be something) I thought I shouldn’t start one either. Had a lot of work to do. And got sick over NYE. Happy New Year everybody.

But I hate when the posts are lackin. So some random pictures from the last two weeks!

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