I had a really nice photoshooting today. Screwaholic is a very talented producer and he is starting his own label now called “starfaze”. I`m very proud to work for him. Here a sneak peak:


I know, I know im lacking…again. But I had a tough week and I was a bit ill. So today a “huge” update. It was “Tag der deutschen Einheit” in germany, which is comparable with 4th of july, without fireworks. All stores were closed and it was really boring. We decided to visit my aunt and my uncle who have a huge cow farm. Was a really nice day, and I shot a lot of photos. Here is a sneak peak. I wore my New Balance 1500 today.

munich part 2

Sry for the lack. These are the pictures from sunday. But i was so tired yesterday. We visited the Brandhorst art gallery, really nice. A lot of Andy Warhol`s which i really like. Enjoy.

PS: First pic is a LaChapelle.

AJ1 more detailed

Hadnt much time yesterday. So i shot some more detailed pics today. I freakin` love these. My first pair of AJ1`s but their just perfect. Cw is sick, always reminds me of an b/w picture. Enjoy

PS: First time i recognize jordan has stopped doing retrocards. After a bit of research i found out that the VIII and the XV lasers were the last J`s with an retrocard. Hmm why?