Macro Macro Maaaaaaan

I’ve got to be, a macro man !

I’m sry! Wtf?!

Anyways, here are some recent macro shots or leftovers as I might add from work. I still have Ice Hockey pictures from saturday. But no time to edit them. Maybe tomorrow or I dont know.

Human eye

So you thought this macro stuff is over? Nope!

Impressive, again! I think I never seen a human eye that close. Also got a gif where you can see the iris moving.


I tried a few things today. So I just put an old Porst 50mm F1.8 in front of my Nikkor 70-300mm . This is my first try. There is more to come. But I’m really impressed by the macro capability of this set-up.

I also took two normal shots with the 70-300 for comparison. You can see the pencil tip sticking into the eraser, right?