Agfa and Petroleum

Went to the flea market today. Always some good finds. Like 5 Polaroids but I didn’t bought one because I have so many. Really! Its getting to much. But I searched for an AGFA Optima for so long now. Small and really good in low light. So I saw this leather Pouche, and first I thought “This leather pouche could be good for the Fujifilm X10” And when I opened it I saw the Agfa Optima 1035 in very good condition. I asked for the price. He said 8€ and I said 5€….he said 6€ and I pulled the trigger. Really nice. I’m looking forward to shoot with this little thingy. We will see. I also got this old lamp. Just for the shelf. And like every month… a new blank moleskin.

Nikon F3 July

So one in a while I took my Nikon F3 with me. Love this camera. Learned to shot with this camera. It means everything to me. (Good item for what would you defend with your life, right?) Anyways. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. So here are a few. Now enjoy! enjoy! Because some Facebook people don’t enjoy them and give me some awesome hints lately how to improve my photography, haha!

Ah what a shitty picture, hand is so blurry! Right?

Terrible picture! He is looking down! Always look up!

Why didnt I shot the whole Bionade bottle??? WHYYYY?