It felt like the last sunny day yesterday. So we went for a walk in Schwenningen. And we made some awesomeness for dinner afterwards. This bread was amazing! Nothing more to add!

Buffalo Wings

I love wings. Really! So I made some Buffalo Wings today. It’s so easy. For the sauce I usually add some white vinegar, pepper, garlic powder, hot sauce (in this case Jack Daniels), butter and a lot of tabasco. After sitting 50 min in the oven I pick a few wings. Get them in a bowl. Add a little bit of sauce. And mix them. Perfect! Some french fries. Bon appetit.  Played some LA Noire afterwards. 


Had school today. Went to Marcel’s afterwards but picked up this Clae Strayhorn on my way. Super clean, love it!
He made some pork and some sweet potatoes and a light salad. Delicious as always. Thanks man!