Köln diary part 2

Ah I know! I’m already home. But I had no time/no wifi access in the apartment. So I decided I post some pictures from saturday till sunday.
We went to the city again, did some shopping. Ate a lot and had a great time. On Saturday evening there was the Event in the Ivory Club. But more on that tomorrow! I also will post about the Good Will Out Sneakerstore and more on the pickups. But for now, enjoy these pictures.

Köln diary part 1

So the De La Roca Deejays and I drove to Cologne last night. Arrived early in the morning. Slept till 10 and headed out for some breakfast. Really nice city! Ate at Angelos for lunch which was super nice, no pictures thou!
We will watch Oblivion today and check the city a bit more. Stay tuned.

First thing I saw when arriving in cologne. Nice sneakerB0B!