The Burning House

When I opened a new tab in sarafri today, to go my blogroll, my eyes have seen this. Aww so nice. posted my entry. I really love this blog! People post pictures of their beloved things they would take with them if their house/flat would burn. Isn’t that a nice idea? I think so! Check out what I would take with me!

Gene Tjin

I`m following Gene Tjin`s blog for a long time now, and its always a pleasure to flick trough his photos. I think its the simplicity of his design and photos itself. Gene is huge into car modification. I`m sure a few of you guys have seen his cars in some magazines or blogs. Like the camaro above. I reall forget the time sometimes when I go trough his archive! Make sure to check out his vimeo channel as well! Thanks Gene!

Photos: © by Gene Tjin

Support your local blog list part1

Every now and then I will write about a blog in my blog list. Part 1 will be? Akam1k3.
I think Mike is the one, who updates his blog the most in my blog list and always with a lot of pictures. Since he bought a new Camera, I think it wont stop! I really enjoy his blog, I normally check it daily to see his love for good food, basketball, the hundreds, travelling and a lot of other things!
Make sure to check him out and join his facebook fanpage, haha.